Things To Make And Sell On eBay

Things To Make And Sell On eBay


Are you handy at arts and crafts? Do you have a passion for making something? Do you like to work in your workshop building things? Guess what? Those are things to make and sell on eBay!

I woudn’t recommend getting involved in making huge things like furniture or sheds. Unless of course, you have a shipping method in place. Selling big items can be extremely profitable especially if you’re the one making them.

However, its probably best to stay with smaller items which you can make easily and ship easily.

You would be amazed at the creativity of people and the ideas they have on things to make and sell on eBay.

I’ve seen everything from handmade candles and country crafts, to jewel encrusted iPhone cases!  eBay isn’t just about selling used electronics or antiques. It’s becoming a marketplace for amazing people with great minds creating useful things to make and sell on ebay for handsome profits.

Research your competition

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What Are Some Things To Make And Sell On eBay?

Where to start? I’m not nearly as creative as most people but these are just a few you could start with:

  • Candles
  • Wood crafts
  • Pet accessories
  • Tshirts
  • Hats
  • Jewelry
  • Art works

You get the idea. Those are just a few of things to make and sell on eBay. Practically anything you find at a craft show, you can probably make yourself and sell on eBay.


Of course, some things will sell better than others.  For example, a neat little house for hamster probably won’t sell as well as a bird house. A candle that smells like cheese, won’t sell as well as one that smells like cookies.

The most successful things to make and sell on ebay are things that compliment something which is already being sold. For example, golf clubs are very popular, consider club head covers. As I mentioned before, iPhones are popular, consider creative iPhone cases.

Jewelry is another popular item. You can create your own unique jewelry and sell it on eBay. It doesn’t have to be gold or silver, it can just be inexpensive costume jewelry. People enjoy buying things which are unique. Be creative.

Whatever you come up with, do some homework. Check if there’s anyone else selling similar items. How much are they selling them for? Are they selling them frequently or just once in awhile? Is your item an accessory to something being sold already? (iPhones)

Once you do some investigating, you may find out that you can make something and probably earn a nice profit on each one you make.



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