TeraPeak Review

TeraPeak Review

Probably the single most important thing you need when you start selling on ebay is a research tool. It’s going to give you more return on investment than practically anything else. We have used many of the various research tools and this is my Terapeak review.

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Research eBay to sell on eBay

Paying $20-30 per month for something that will help you produce a whole lot more profit is a no brainer. Both Terapeak and Hammertap will do that for you. Either one are an excellent resource for you if your decision to sell on eBay is going to be more than a hobby. With Terapeak you Know when to sell on eBay using research

Since this is our Terapeak review we will make some comparisons to Hammertap but focus mainly on Terapeak. Terapeak is a bit different than Hammertap in a variety of ways.

Terapeak is very modern and graphic. While Hammertap is more listing oriented and monochromatic in displays, Terapeak has alot of charting, large graphics and its very colorful. Not that pretty pictures makes it superior. I’m just telling you there is quite a bit of difference in the general appearance of the two systems.

Quick Tour Of Terapeak

Watch a Terapeak eBay Research Demo

Both systems offer a wide range of research topics. I compared both side by side here

Just a few things Terapeak can do are:

  • Product Research – check to see if the product you want to sell is selling on eBay and what types of prices its been bringing. This is how you determine your items worth.
  • Competitor – see what other sellers have been selling your product and find more information on their sales history.
  • Category – learn which category produces the best sales for your particular item.
  • Hot – find which product and categories are hot at any particular time.
  • Value Track – track your most valuable products and keep an eye on the competition

Terapeak was the first authorized analytics provider of eBay market data, and the leading aggregator of e-commerce data for eBay, Amazon, Yahoo! Japan and Magento. You’ve joined a pioneer in big data analytics and we’re thankful for your commitment to our mutual success!
Terapeak is used by eBay and Amazon sellers and buyers, ecommerce researchers, marketers and media to gain an understanding of online commerce. eBay and Amazon are two of the world’s most popular E-commerce marketplaces, so it is also used by many Fortune 500 companies as a baseline for the E-commerce industry. Based on monthly or yearly subscriptions, their customers use the Terapeak solution on a daily basis to determine item values, find the best keywords, explore hot products, find niche markets, and forecast their inventory schedules. The most successful online merchants use Terapeak research to keep an eye on their competition and the marketplace, and many new sellers use the research available to get a good picture of the existing market without taking unnecessary risks or creating test auctions.

Research eBay to sell on eBay

Terapeak is a bit pricier than Hammertap (Terapeak is $29.95 and Hammertap is $19.95 at this time). If you feel want a real deal…take advantage of their 1 year discounted price. Its $239.40 but that breaks it down to just $19.95 per month. Terapeak does have a 7 day free trial with their subscription so you can try it out and see how it works. If after 7 days you don’t think its a GREAT tool, just cancel the subscription. The trial period for Hammertap is 10 days.

With Terapeak, if you have an iPhone, you can do research on the go. How many times have you been somewhere and come across an item you thought you could sell and make a nice profit on? How many times have you passed because you just weren’t sure of the value? With the Terapeak mobile app for iPhone, you don’t need to miss those deals any longer.



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