HammerTap Vs Terapeak

HammerTap vs Terapeak

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By now, if you’ve been looking into starting to buy and sell on eBay, you’ve come to understand the need for research tools. A good research tool is critical to selling on eBay. Not only do they help you to determine how much an item is worth, they help you decide when to sell it, how to sell it, how to display it and more! With a good research tool, you should be able to find out if that creepy looking doll you found at the garage sale is worth anything. If your tool has a mobile app like Terapeak, you’ll know the value before you even buy it!
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So which one do you choose?  What better way to decide. Do a side by side Hammertap vs Terapeak comparison chart. The main players are HammerTap and Terapeak. Hammertap is a downloadable program that runs on your PC. Terapeak is a web based system which needs internet access to operate. I put together a features chart so you can compare the two.

HammerTap vs Terapeak


*Best Keywords For Your Titles

Find which keywords to put into your titles to draw the most bidders.
*Average Selling Price

Critically important to know before you invest your money in inventory.
*Average Success Rate

How do you even know if it's going to sell? Now you do.
Best Category For Your Item

Some categories draw alot more attention than others. Find the best one for your item.
Research The Competition

What are other sellers selling and how are they getting their results
Market Trending Data

Is your item on its way up in popularity or on its way down.
Best Ending Time

11:30 - 12:00 could be significantly different in closing prices.
Find out what time of day to end your sale.
Best Ending Day

Some things sell at a higher price on Tuesday. Some on Sunday. Find out which is best for you.

Best Listing Format

No reserve. Fixed price. Make offer. Find out which format achieves the best profits
Customer Support

You need some help sometimes. Are they there for you?
Live Chat
Live Chat
Mobile Application

We live in a wireless world. Finding values on the road makes you a treasure hunter 24/7!

Hammertap has a web based user interface which can be accessed via your smartphone. However, it is not a mobile app.

Currently offered for iPhone users only.

What if you're not happy? Will they take care of you?
30 Day Money Back Guarantee14 Day Money Back Guarantee
Subscription Price

They're valuable tools. They aren't free. If you use them properly, they pay for themselves overnight

$19.95 Per Month

10 Day Free Trial
$29.95 Per Month (US Research)
$49.95 Per Month (International & eBay Motors Research)

30 Day Free Trial Here
HammerTap Vs Terapeak

As you can see, they have virtually the same features. The primary differences are appearance, platform and price. Hammertap is a very simple application in appearance. Its very easy to learn and use. It is also cheaper than Terapeak with a lower monthly price, free trial period and longer guarantee period. All pluses in my book! Terapeak is a more modern system with alot of bells and whistles! It has a higher monthly price tag and a 7 day trial period. Terapeak does offer a discount for annual memberships (purchase 12 months, get 3 months free). They also have a mobile app for iPhone users.

So in a head to head comparison of Hammertap vs Terapeak, I prefer Terapeak over Hammertap.

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