eBay Research Tools

eBay Research Tools

One of the most important things you need when you start selling on eBay is a good quality eBay research tool. The best ones aren’t free but they are well worth the investment. Any one of these eBay research tools would be an excellent choice for your eBay research tools toolbox.

An eBay research tool is a software application which can determine the value of items based on their sales history on eBay. Just because you found an item and you think its a great deal, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be an instant money maker for your next eBay auction. This is where a good eBay research tool comes in.

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eBay research tools like Terapeak and Hammertap scan eBay auctions for assorted data to help determine a variety of selling factors for you. They can instantly tell you the value of an item. The best day and time to sell that item. What your chances of selling it are. What keywords to use in your title to get the best sales results and much, much more. Either one of these eBay research tools are top notch for anyone selling on eBay.

Here are some of the  best eBay research tools we have used.

Terapeak – Terapeak is an amazing ebay research tool. A little pricey for some at about $29.95 per month but really worth every bit. You can quickly earn that investment back in a single sale. It allows you to dig into all the past sales of an item and determine its value. Learn the best selling strategies for the item, your chance of actually selling it, best time to sell, the list goes on and on. Excellent feature for iPhone users is their mobile app.  Now you can find things to buy on the go! Read my review here. We can’t recommend Terapeak due to very poor customer service we have encountered.


UPDATE: It appears Hammertap has not kept pace with the competition. Their interface still seems the same as it did years ago and based on those failures, I can no longer trust their information. Customer service appears to not exist. Phones go unanswered as do email requests. We NO LONGER TRUST Hammertap service and cant recommend them

Hammertap isn’t a free service but it is worth every penny of the $19.95 a month they charge. Research tools like Hammertap are designed to give you the opportunity to dig into the archives of eBay history and locate the value of items before you invest in buying them. The last thing you want to to do is get stuck with merchandise that’s not worth nearly what you paid for it. The Hammertap interface is very simple, almost to the point of looking outdated. That aside, its a very powerful research tool that can tell you how much your item should bring, how successful the sales have been for similar items and a whole lot more. They have a free 10 day trial and a 30 day money back guarantee. $19.95 Month. You can also read my review here.

WorthMonkey This is another of my favorite sites for eBay research. These guys put this thing together in 18hrs at the Tech Crunch Hackathon in San Francisco. Its a site that links to assorted sites like eBay and craigslist. You enter the item you’re searching for and it comes back with a cool little arcing graph showing you the value from a “great” price to “overpriced”. You can edit those searches based on item condition. Then, if the item is currently for sale, it links to the site where you can go buy it. GREAT website! But WAIT…there’s more. If you visit their DealPulse page, (check the top of their site) it just gets better. This page allows you to select a category (just a few available so far) then select how much savings you want and BAM! it brings up a list of items closing soon at the savings you want. Be careful though, DealPulse doesn’t indicate why the item is so cheap, you have to click the listing. It goes right to the eBay listing and sometimes it’s cheap because it has a reserve or it’s damaged. FREE

FatFingers – Another great eBay research tool. The name says it all. Did you know an excellent place to find items to sell on ebay is ebay itself? Often times items are listed with mispelled words. As a result, they go unsold because no one can find them. Fat Fingers finds them for you. Free

StuffAlertAnother great free tool for finding items for sale on ebay. Stuff alert is alot like Item Alarm. It searches ebay for the items you’re looking for and shoots you an email when found.

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