Can You Make A Living On eBay?

Can You Make A Living On eBay?

Probably the most common question today, especially with so many folks unemployed is “can you make a living on eBay”?

The answer is yes. Not only yes, but HELL yes!! The question isn’t really so much “can you make a living on eBay”? The question is “can YOU make a living on eBay”? Lots of people do. Can you?

Research your competition

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What Does It Mean To “Make A Living”?

Making a living is a relative term. What do you need to get by? A single guy living in a one bedroom apartment with hardly any bills is going to have it a whole lot easier than the guy with a wife, 2 kids, a new car payment and a student loan. In his case, a regular job in addition to ebay on the side is probably the best bet. Eventually, through a lot of hustling, ebay can easily pass your regular income.

Anything you do has the potential to earn you a living. It all has to do with repetition. If I said, here’s a lawnmower, go cut grass and earn a living, you’d probably say it’s impossible. What if the lawnmower goes 10mph and is 52″ wide? All of a sudden, you can cut a lot of grass and make a living with it. This is true with anything. Once you do something one time and it earns a profit, you just have to “kick it up a notch”. Figure out how to repeat the process. As you progress, you can tweak things to run smoother and faster.

I’m not saying you should make plans to get rich on ebay, but I am saying that with the right tools, some education and hard work, it’s not that difficult to make a living on ebay.

What other business could you start which costs so little to get started? You can’t go open a retail store without a serious investment. You can’t build a factory and start making something you love to make without a pile of money.

With eBay, you can do that. You can easily turn $100 into much more. You can even get started without money. Starting a consignment business is an option and a quite profitable one.

 How to Start and Run an eBay Consignment Business

All you really need to do is learn the basics of eBay. You can do this by reading over most of my articles on this site. Once you do that, let people know that you’re selling on ebay and you may be surprised. They will often ask you to sell things for them. Just make sure you have agreements in place and in writing before you sell. The last thing you want to do is sell your neighbor’s old sailboat and have him decide he doesn’t want to sell it or wants more for it after you’ve already sold the thing.

So that’s it. You can make a living on eBay. Anyone can make a living on eBay. The question is can YOU!

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