4 Ways To Maximize eBay Profits

4 Ways To Maximize eBay Profits

If you sell on eBay, its important to include a few simple things which can usually help to increase your profits.

Research your competition

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Include An About Me Page

Include a pic of yourself. It helps some buyers feel more comfortable to buy from you if they see you are a real person and not just a corporate entity floating about in cyberspace.

Always Review All Of Your Listings

Make sure everything is properly described and spelled. If your spellings are off or your listing looks a little shakey, its best to correct it. Would you want to purchase ipod from someone who spelled it eyepod? Make sure the pictures are clear and show any flaws the product may have. If an item has flaws, make sure to clearly describe them in the listing. You don’t want the buyer to get an item which you havent’t clearly described and photographed. If you don’t review the listings, you may end up selling someone something improperly described and that could result in the dreaded negative feedback.

Make Your Listing Count

eBay gives you 55 characters for your listing headlines. Make em work!

If you don’t use HammerTap or Terrapeak, check out what others are using for descriptions in their headlines. If you do use those research programs, they will tell you what words produce the best results.

Don’t waste space with words like “Cool” or “Wow”. Be descriptive. Color, size, age, etc. Not too descriptive though. You want people to view your listing and not pass right over it.

Take Good Pictures

If its going to sell for a nice profit you have to include pictures. New items which are unopened don’t need many pictures. If you sell items which are used, reconditioned or opened, its best to include as many pictures as possible. eBay allows a couple pics for free but then they charge a per pic fee. You can upload pics to a free photo hosting site like Photobucket.com and save yourself some money when you list items.





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